Meeson Pae Yang

The revolutionary discovery that some life forms can exist without oxygen or light significantly increases the chance of there being life elsewhere in the universe. This possibility—the wonders of what might exist in the bleakest, harshest environments above, below and between our known spheres--deeply informs the work of Meeson Pae Yang.

Exploring the intersections of technology, fantasy and mythology, Yang creates a world where micro and macrocosms converge, organic collides with mechanical and subliminal ‘landscapes’ unfold before viewer’s eyes. “I find it fascinating that on a macroscopic level all things are interwoven even in our own expansive environment…recognizing that each action is intertwined into a larger picture, our planet becomes a poetic tapestry of how life sustains, grows and rebuilds. In this manner, I view science, mythology and art as seeking order and a deeper understanding of our world,” states Yang.

Meeson Pae Yang was born in 1979 in Indianapolis. She received her BFA from the University of California Los Angeles in 2002. In 2010, her work was commissioned by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture for the Biomedical Campus Public Art Project and by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs for the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. Yang was awarded the Visions from the New California Award and Residency at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco in 2009. In addition to solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and Zurich, Yang’s work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles Art Show, Art Asia (Miami, Florida) ARCO (Madrid, Spain), Art Dubai and KIAF (Seoul, Korea).

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